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Some home security companies staff and manage their own monitoring centers. Frontpoint is one of the many others that outsource the service. The company they use is called Rapid Response Monitoring Services Inc. (RRMS).

Frontpoint Call CentersFounded in 1992 in Syracuse, NY, RRMS now has two monitoring centers, one in New York that services East Coast clients and one in California to support customers on the West Coast. RRMS employs over 450 personnel.

The company provides monitoring service in five areas: fire, burglary, supervisory and medical signals, security systems, and commercial supervision. Their residential service such as they provide for Frontpoint customers includes fire, theft, and medical using wireless, cellular connections. RRMS is one of a very few companies to meet the stringent New York City fire alarm monitoring requirements. Their technology can support geo-services and GPS and video for any client.

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Frontpoint Home Security System
Frontpoint Home Security System
Frontpoint Home Security System

We recommend Frontpoint due to its unmatched customer support, its user-friendly app, and its awesome camera with 1080p HD video display, two-way audio, and free local and cloud storage. I also love that 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup are built-in. 

In addition to home residential clients, RRMS offers dedicated emergency line monitoring for corporate customers and educational institutions. They monitor commercial garages, multi-level buildings, complexes and remote, isolated structures and compounds.

RRMS has clients throughout all fifty states, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and several islands in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.

Service Centers

The RRMS service centers are considered state-of-the-art in the monitoring business. The Syracuse facility encompasses 40,000 square feet. The Underwriter Laboratories and Factory Mutual have certified their buildings also.

Each has redundant power systems in the event of commercial power failure. Caterpillar diesel generators supplied by two, 1200-gallon fuel tanks power each backup system. This equals 1.2 megawatts of emergency power available.

There is also a UPS or uninterrupted power supply to protect their internet and wireless data feeds. These UPS devices are rated at 150kVA each.

Access and security at the facilities use analytic video surveillance equipment, recorded and stored in the cloud. Biometric controls protect the building and access to the equipment and data. Each client’s data is kept separate and has multiple fail-safes for added protection.

New and continually updated dual IBM network multi-function firewalls and two crypto servers protect the server systems. The company boasts having some of the strongest encrypted technology in use by any private entity in the world. 

Types of Services

RRMS has a menu of different services they can provide for their clients in the home residential security business or corporate security and fire management customers. Each Frontpoint customer has all the data associated with that person’s home accessible from the Frontpoint-dedicated server at RRMS. If an alarm is activated, monitoring personnel will automatically be connected to that person’s home layout and data. Established protocols and any deviations provided by the client allow instant, one-click response by the operators.

The company’s system can manage any geo-fencing setups under their Global Positioning System (GPS) interfaces.

The servers and system have huge cloud-based storage capabilities to retrieve instantly or access in real-time any video footage the monitoring personnel may need to view. The footage access is necessary as many municipalities require “verified response” before dispatching any emergency personnel in response to a home alarm.

Many home security companies have two-way voice as part of their security package offerings. The RRMS control center operators each have speakers and microphones enabling them to speak instantly with homeowners whenever the need arises.

Medical and Personal Emergency Monitoring

RRMS has a dedicated section to the growing medical or LifeSafety Monitoring Division. Each person working in this section has Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Security Industry Association (SIA) certifications in addition to the standard RRMS training requirements.

Spanish-speaking, trained operators are on-duty 24/7 also.

The customer data links provide one-click contact with whomsoever the client has listed for notification in the event of a medical or personal emergency.

Additional Monitoring Services

The company offers more than just residential monitoring. They provide elevator alarm monitoring for thousands of commercial clients. The system works the same way as when a residential alarm is triggered. If an alarm is activated, the monitoring personnel will receive the signal and all the data for the individual client will populate on the operator’s computer screen.

RRMS also has dedicated emergency line service with most consider important to reduce false alarms.

The company’s fire alarm service provides an appropriate response to fire alarms for corporate clients in accordance with local laws and guidelines. The certification requirements for this service often requires very specific communications, inspections, operator training, and licensing before a municipality will allow a monitoring company to operate in their city. RRMS has those certifications for most cities in the country.


All the operators working at RRMS go through a six-week training course, including two-weeks of mentoring by supervisory staff before they can work alone. The course has Security Industry Association (SIA) certification and according to the company website is the most stringent in the industry.

Their ongoing training program includes regular monthly meetings on policies and procedures as well as mandatory participation in workshops.

RRMS has a quality assurance division that continually evaluates performance and operational requirements and makes changes as required.

Technical Support

Rapid Response Monitoring has a signal management team that continuously monitors, evaluates and troubleshoots any issues related to communications. They are directly available to Frontpoint whenever a question or complaint arises from a Frontpoint user.

RRMS and Frontpoint Client Information Protection and Support

RRMS has a robust client protection system. Frontpoint and each of their other customers connect to RRMS through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows Frontpoint to access only their client data. The information is compartmentalized. No other company doing business with Rapid Response can access Frontpoint data.

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Frontpoint Home Security System
Frontpoint Home Security System
Frontpoint Home Security System

We recommend Frontpoint due to its unmatched customer support, its user-friendly app, and its awesome camera with 1080p HD video display, two-way audio, and free local and cloud storage. I also love that 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup are built-in. 

Frontpoint can utilize the RRMS systems to generate client activity reports, check on test and connectivity, and other important activities related to their home security customers.

RRMS assigns an individual account executive to handle Frontpoint concerns and issues.


Rapid Response Monitoring Service has a reliable and dependable system for taking care of all Frontpoint home security needs. The operation has more redundancy than most proprietary monitoring services by Frontpoint competitors. The security procedures in place are impressive. The high-tech equipment and extensive training are another positive aspect outsourcing monitoring to RRMS.

Home security companies with proprietary monitoring centers owned by the business may provide more attention and focus to the users of their systems. The operators are employed by the security company directly, and the home security company has more control over the quality of service. However, given that Frontpoint receives very few monitoring service complaints, it seems that RRMS must be providing an appropriate level of service.

To learn more about the call centers and monitoring and how it integrates with the whole security system, read our full Frontpoint review.

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