LifeShield Vs. Protection 1

LifeShield and Protection 1 both offer excellent home security options with well-regarded equipment.

LifeShield offers 36- and 60-month contract options and DIY or professional installation. Protection 1 provides Z-Wave home automation options, and offers 36-month contracts and professional installation.

Note: It was recently announced that LifeShield is changing ownership. Therefore, details of its services could potentially soon change.

Key Similarities:

  • Excellent equipment
  • 36-month contract option
  • Professional installation option

Key Differences:

  • LifeShield offers both a 36 and 60-month contract. Protection 1 has 36-month contract.
  • LifeShield has DIY and professional installation options. Protection 1 requires professional installation.
  • Only Protection 1 has available home automation.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

Protection 1 offers four types of residential home packages ranging from $35-$55, with a $99 installation fee, and a wide selection of available add-ons. Equipment offerings include sensors and carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire detectors. More expensive package options include video and Z-Wave options. The company uses mostly Honeywell technology. Medical alert offerings are also available. Prices have been reported to vary depending on dealer and location.

LifeShield offers packages that range in monthly cost from $30-$50 and include both state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring. However, basic packages are also reported to be notably scarce, so users will very likely have significant additional monthly fees for equipment add-ons to complete your system. All packages come with one-of-a-kind fire safety features. The company uses extremely well-reviewed, top-of-the-line proprietary equipment.


Winner: LifeShield

LifeShield offers more contract choices: the industry standard 36-month contract as well as a 60-month monitoring option. Protection 1 offers the industry-standard three-year monitoring contract.

Mobile App

Winner: LifeShield

LifeShield has a well-reviewed, user-friendly mobile app reported to be available with all major packages. Protection 1 has a proprietary mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Only the two most expensive packages allow smartphone management.


Winner: LifeShield

LifeShield offers a flexible choice of DIY or professional installation. Professional services are offered at $99.

Protection 1 offers professional installation at a $99 fee. (Installation costs can vary depending on specificities of add-ons.) If you move within your contract period, you have to pay for removal of the system and re-installation at your new location.

Home Automation

Winner: Protection 1

Only Protection 1 has available Z-Wave home automation options.

Who LifeShield is Better For:

  • Users interested in DIY installation
  • Users looking for a long-term 60-month contract
  • Users not requiring home automation

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Who Protection 1 is Better For:

  • Users looking for home automation
  • Users interested in name brand equipment
  • Users not planning to move within contract period

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Both LifeShield and Protection 1 offer strong home security options. Those looking for DIY installation and a long-term 60-month contract will likely prefer LifeShield, while those looking for Z-Wave home automation options will likely be happier with Protection 1.

Protection 1 is now owned by ADT. Check out our review of the ADT home security system.

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