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The LifeShield app was introduced prior to 2012 for both the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The app has gone through several updates that revised the screen images and user interface as well as enhanced app stability.

LifeShield App ScreenshotThe Good

  • Functionality – The app provides the user with access to all the system functionality. This includes camera images, the ability to arm or disarm the system and all the other features offered by Lifeshield. The layout is easy to use and mimics as much as possible the online portal and console layouts.
  • Camera Image Clarity – The images from your home camera system are clear, sharp, and easy to access.
  • IOS Version Stability and Speed – The latest version of the iPhone app, 4.5, has solved previous problems with stability. The user can quickly scroll through and select whatever function he or she wants and instantly make changes, update or access different features.  The iPad app functions okay but the expectation is that the announced redesign will enhance the iPad app in the same manner as the 4.5 version did for the iPhone.
  • Price – The app is free to all users, with no hidden costs or a need to purchase something to enhance the functionality.
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Lifeshield is a great choice if you want the option to self-monitor, monthly contracting, or DIY installation. 

The Not-So-Good

  • Android App Glitches – The app for Android has a few more problems than the IOS app. The app still has a few bugs which can significantly affect stability. The layout is not as user-friendly as the iPhone and iPad versions.
  • Color and Background Design – The new color scheme and design make it difficult to focus on the functions and interfaces. The blue and white on the IOS app blend together, which creates optical problems when attempting to scan and scroll quickly. The amount of white space detracts from what otherwise could be more actual information per screen. The gray and green on the Android app is washed out and difficult to read.

App Overview

Accessing your system through the app is simple. As with the console, everything is controlled through your master or user password. LifeShield provides owners with one master password then lets the system owner assign user passwords to others users. The exact system access for the other users can be set by the owner.

The app allows you to access the system and do anything that you could accomplish at the console or through the online Lifeview portal. This includes:

  • Arming
  • Disarming
  • Viewing the Home or Business Security Cameras
  • Record or take photos with the Cameras
  • View the System-Generated Activity Report
  • Setup or Edit the Notification Protocols, Including Emails and Texts
  • Manage Your Lifeshield Account
  • Access Lifeshield’s Special Features Such as Area Crime Reports 

LifeShield AppApp Special Features

Since its introduction over four years ago, the app has made significant improvements and added some app features that, while keeping the functionality and look similar to that of the console and Lifeview, helps smartphone and tablet users access and perform tasks easier.

The latest updates and redesign allows the user to customize their dashboard so that regularly used functions are easier to recognize immediately. The app condenses the information into a usable form then allows you to tap on it if you need complete details. This way all of the console details are also available in a much more usable form.

The settings can also be changed to tailor them to the user’s specific requirements on the menu.




The LifeShield apps are among the most functional in the home security industry. The user interfaces and ability to access and perform all the range of capabilities of the LifeShield product makes it a must-have app for anyone who has installed the product.  To learn more about the whole system, check out our LifeShield review.

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Lifeshield is a great choice if you want the option to self-monitor, monthly contracting, or DIY installation. 

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