Link InteractiveLink Interactive is a do-it-yourself installation home security system. The company bundles the equipment into variously priced packages based on the number and type of components. They also offer home monitoring through their 24/7 service centers.

The company has been in the alarm business for decades. The retail giant Costco has a direct relationship with the company and promotes and sells their products. You do not have to be a Costco member to buy their equipment, as you can purchase it online or from local retailers. However, you pay 5% less for the equipment packages if you buy them through Costco.

The sensors and other components come from 2Gig or compatible units. The company has partnered with, and the free app manages the system. You must have a monitoring contract to use the app and control the system with your smartphone.

In addition to sensors and detectors, the Link Interactive system connects Z-Wave compatible appliances to your home security system. Link Interactive’s Go!Control panel links thermostats, lights, small appliances, locks and other smart home devices.

All the Link Interactive systems are wireless and work through a cellular connection.

Link Interactive Pros

Link Interactive has an excellent reputation in the home security business. The company has been in operation for over 50 years.

Some of the particular advantages include:

  • Wireless and Cellular Monitoring Service
  • Easy to Install Equipment
  • Partnership with Costco
  • Long-standing A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Highly Rated Home Security Smartphone App Control
  • Customization Options
  • Thirty-day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Activation Fee
  • Good Customer Service Ratings
  • “Crash and Smash” Protection from
  • Z-Wave Compatibility
  • Ability, through Add-on Components, to Connect to DSC and GE Sensors

Link Interactive Complaints

  • Must be a Costco Member to Get Discount Pricing
  • Contract Termination Fees
  • Only a One Year Warranty on All Equipment

Home Security Packages Overview and Charges

PackagesBasic Fire and Security PackageEnergy Management and Security PackagePremium Plus Video, Energy Management and Security Package*
Activation FeeFreeFreeFree
Go!Control Wireless Cellular Panel111
Door and Window Sensors335
Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor112
Z-Wave Light/Appliance Modules022
Z-Wave Thermostat011
Indoor Camera with Night Vision011

You can purchase additional equipment, such as a break glass sensor or electronic door lock, separately. You generate substantial savings on each component by buying one of the packages instead of creating your own system.*Platinum Monitoring Package Required for Video Monitoring

Monitoring Packages and Costs

Professional Monitoring 24/7xx
Two-way voicexx
Remote System Access and Controlxx
Smart Appliance Controlxx
Video Monitoring and Controlx

Link offers equipment purchase credits depending on the monitoring package that you buy.

Home Security Service Overview

Link Interactive uses all-wireless components that communicate through cellular waves. The system’s panel, supplied and controlled through the app and portal, periodically receives a signal or ping from the monitoring station. If a line is cut, or the panel turned off, the monitoring station will institute reaction protocols. Link and call this “smash and crash” protection.

Every component, including the Go!Control panel, has battery backup.

The 2Gig company manufacturers the Go!Control panel. An integrated, 2-way voice enables users and the monitoring station to communicate directly. The panel uses a touchscreen. Users control all of its functions through the online portal or through the smartphone, app. The panel connects with up to 48 components, and can be linked with two additional wired items also.

Link Interactive does not have a proprietary smartphone app. The app will manage all the components that Link sells, including the smart appliances. You can manage and control the system through the app. There are no functions on the Go!Control panel that you cannot accomplish on the app or Internet portal.

The Geo-Services function integrates your smartphone’s locator and map with your home security system. You can create rules whereby the security system devices will do whatever you have programmed. For example, you could set your system to turn up or down your thermostat whenever you get within five miles of your residence. You can do things like remind yourself if you are a certain distance from your house that you need to arm the security system.

Technically any 2Gig sensor or detector and Z-Wave smart appliance should work with Link Interactive. Link offers a large selection of just about component most residential or small business homeowners may want.

Security Equipment

  • Go!Control Touchscreen Panel
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Recessed Door and Window Sensors
  • Plunger Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Keypads
  • Tilt Sensors
  • Image 1 Kit and Sensors
  • Doorbells
  • Wireless Touchpads
  • Home Disaster Sensors
  • Home Disaster Sensors
  • Panic Alarms
  • Key24 Button Key Ring Remotes
  • GB1 Glass Break Sensors


  • SMKT3 Smoke/Heat/Freeze
  • Heat
  • Carbon Monoxide

Smart Home Appliances

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock
  • Kwikset Z-Wave Electronic Deadbolt
  • Kwikset Z-Wave Electronic Door Lever
  • Z-Wave Light Bulbs
  • Liftmaster Garage Door Control & Universal Kits
  • Lamp Module with Dimmer
  • Small Appliance Plug-in Module
  • SSA02 Z-Wave Siren


  • V721W Outdoor Wireless Camera (with night vision)
  • Cam-HD100 Indoor Wireless Camera (with night vision)
  • V520IR Wireless Fixed Camera
  • V620PT Indoor Wireless Pan Tilt Camera


  • Z-Wave Range Extender
  • Go!Control Range Repeater
  • Tri-Desk Touchpad Stand
  • Window Stickers and Yard Signs
  • Panel Antenna and Mount
  • Go!Control Alarm Panel Battery
  • Take Super Switch
  • Yard Sign Light
  • Re224GT GE to 2Gig Translator
  • DSC to 2Gig Translator
  • Sensor Magnets
  • CP-Desk Go!Control Desk Stand

Go!Control Touchscreen Panel

The Go!Control color touchscreen has a built in (GSM) cellular radio. The two-way voice connects the monitoring station directly with the homeowner. The station can either listen or speak directly to the resident to ascertain what is happening.

There is also an integrated Z-Wave module to control the smart appliances.

Door and Window Sensors

2Gig door and window sensors have five-year batteries pre-installed. They come in two parts, the sensor and the magnet.

The recessed door and window sensors are about one-quarter inch thinner and rounded. They fit snugly in the door or window frame.

The plunger sensors require drilling a hole in the door and setting the sensor inside so that only the top plunger is visible when the door is opened. The magnet attaches to the door from and is also not visible when the door is closed.

Motion Sensors

The motion sensors are passive infrared (IR) devices with a maximum range of about 30 feet straight ahead and about 25 feet to either side of the sensor.

The motion sensors are pet-safe for dogs up to fifty pounds.


The wireless keypads use a coin-sized battery with a five-year life. The numbered keypad has four buttons: police, fire, stay and away.

Tilt Sensors

The tilt sensors are one-piece (no separate magnet component like the door and window sensors) for use on a garage or roll-up door. The sensor will signal the panel if tilted at more than a 45° angle.

Image 1 Kit and Sensors

The Image 1 Kit and sensor combines a still camera with a motion detector. It covers a 35 x 30-foot area. If triggered, it will capture a picture of whatever set off the motion detector. There is a built-in infrared flash for low light conditions. It is also pet-safe like the regular motion sensors.

You can also schedule the camera to take pictures at set intervals.


The wireless doorbell has a waterproof casing for outdoor use. It will alert you by text or sound when someone pushes the doorbell. The device can also be programmed to activate other parts of your system. For example, you can program the lights to come on whenever someone pushes the doorbell between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Wireless Touchpads

The touchpads function like a tablet that you can take anywhere with you to manage your home security system. You can hear the alerts and chimes as well as control any of the functions just as you can on the smartphone app or Go!Control panel.

Home Disaster Sensors

The disaster sensors can detect three things: flood, freezing, and heat or air conditioning failure. The sensors activate one of three different audible tones depending on the problem sensed.

Panic Alarms

The portable panic alarm buttons come with a belt clip, necklace cord, and wristband. They are water resistant and you can wear it in the shower. They will work within about 350 feet, unobstructed, of the Go!Control panel. You must press and hold the button for two seconds to send an alarm signal.

Key24 Button Key Ring Remotes

The Key 24 key rings have three buttons: arm, disarm and panic.

GB1 Glass Break Sensors

The GB1 glass breaks have a 15-foot range with 360° vertical detection.

SMKT3 Smoke/Heat/Freeze

These detectors allow you to detector one, two or all three conditions, making them extremely versatile compared to most other home detectors. They have UL (Underwriters Labs) 217 ratings.


The heat detector sensors react to temperatures of 135° or more as well as temperature increases of 15° or more in a minute.

Carbon Monoxide

The carbon monoxide detector has an internal siren that will sound along with the panel siren in the event carbon monoxide is detected.

Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat allows you to do anything that a typical HVAC thermostat can do, but through your home security system.

Smart Appliance Door Locks

Link provides three different types of door locks: a Yale touchscreen deadbolt, Kwikset deadbolt, and Kwikset door lever deadbolt.

The Kwikset deadbolt has push-button controls, as does the lever.

Z-Wave Light Bulbs

The light bulbs offer about 25, hours of useful life. Once screwed into any lamp socket, you can control that light through the system. They dim, turn on and off, and are programmable.

Liftmaster Garage Door Control & Universal Kits

The garage door Z-Wave units let you control any garage door. You can also purchase universal garage door openers that will connect through your home security system if desired.

Lamp and Small Appliance Modules

These plug-in adapters allow you do plug in any lamp or small appliance and control it through the system panel, app or touchpad.

SSA02 Z-Wave Siren

The siren has a strobe light and 117 db siren. The volume of the siren is adjustable.

V721W Outdoor Wireless Camera (with night vision)

The fixed outdoor color camera has about a 40-foot range. It requires AC power to operate.

Cam-HD100 and V520IR Fixed Indoor Wireless Cameras

These indoor cameras give you 720p resolution at a range of about 20 feet.

V620PT Indoor Wireless Pan Tilt Camera

The pan and tilt cameras have a 350° panning range with the same 720p resolution as the other two indoor cameras.

Z-Wave Range Extender and Go!Control Range Repeater

These devices will extend the range of your sensors, detectors, and appliances. Homes larger than 3500-4000 square feet may need extenders. Extenders may be necessary too depending on the placement of the Go!Control panel.

Tri-Desk Touchpad and CP-Desk Go!Control Desk Stands

These stands are for the touchpad and control panel and allow you to place them on a shelf, table or another flat surface. Each stand allows two viewing angles.

Panel Antenna and Mount

The antenna will provide greater range for Go!Control panels.

Take Super Switch

The Take Super Switch lets you convert a compatible wired sensor array to wireless.

Re224GT GE to 2Gig Translator and DSC to 2Gig Translator

These items will let you use wireless GE and DSC sensors with the Link Interactive systems.


You can purchase additional window stickers, yard signs and lights, extra sensor magnets and batteries.

Company History

Link Interactive belongs to the Fire Protection Corporation. The parent company has been in existence for 61 years.

A man named Peary Barker, a door-to-door fire alarm equipment salesman, started the company in 1954. At the time, the company only sold fire alarms but the next two decades Barker began selling home security systems also. He sold the company in 1974 to Rodney Gardner.

Mr. Gardner expanded operations outside of Utah and began acquiring other companies and created a subsidiary, Link Interactive.

In 2013, Link Interactive began a partnership with Costco to sell alarms through their discount retail stores.


Please share with us your stories and experiences with Link Interactive. If you have any thoughts or comments on the installation, quality of the equipment or views of the monitoring service, you are welcome to contact us.

We also welcome questions and will do our best to provide you with accurate and detailed answers when possible.


Link Interactive has a lot of attractive features that helps distinguish their products and services from the competition. Link offers a wider range of sensors, detectors, and smart appliances than most other home security companies do. The company makes it easy with their “translators” to connect GE and DSC components, rather than locking you into only those sensors sold by Link.

Even the basic equipment packages contain a reasonable amount of components. Both of the monitoring contracts allow smartphone app and internet portal usage, which many competitors only offer with the most expensive options.

Even without being a member of Costco, the equipment prices remain competitive. The lack of activation and installation fees keeps the out-of-pocket expenses other than for equipment low.

Overall, Link Interactive provides an excellent, robust home security system that will meet most homeowners’ needs.