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Link Interactive uses Geo-Services through The Geo-Services function lets you get notifications or have certain things done at you home based on your location. You need a smartphone since Geo-Services uses the GPS tracking on your phone. The GPS maps on your phone are linked directly to your home security system.

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Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System

With professional monitoring starting at only $30.99 a month, Link Interactive is an affordable way to keep your home safe. 

Link Interactive Geo ServicesThe user can create a number of programs to do certain things automatically. For example, open the garage door whenever you are within one-quarter mile of your residence. This is done by constructing virtual “fences” which then initiate certain things based on the virtual rules to suit your individual lifestyle that you input.

Geo-Services is an excellent way to ensure that you do not forget to arm your system, close your garage or lock your front door of your house and other similar functions. It helps to save energy too. During the winter, for example, you can automatically lower your thermostat whenever you leave for work. Then, when you are driving home from work, the thermostat can raise the temperature when you are a certain distance away.

You can also integrate more than one mobile phone into the home security system so that all family members enjoy the comfort and safety benefits.

Geo-Fencing Overview

Geo Fencing creates a perimeter, called a geofence on You input various rules and system commands whenever your smartphone GPS indicates that you have crossed the perimeter barrier.

Each user can create his or her own geofence with separate operations that will occur once he or she and their cell phone cross the virtual barrier.

As you can see, the more home security devices and smart home appliances connected to the Link Interactive system, the more useful the system becomes. Since Link has a large selection of smart home appliances and sensors, users have lots of options.

Security Geo-Fencing

With a security geofence, you can virtually assure that you never leave a door unlocked or your alarm system disarmed. You do not have to rely on timers either, so if you work late, go on vacation or are away at the beach for the day, you do not have to reset or reprogram the system.

One example of a standard geofence for home security involves simply arming and disarming your home security system. With a geofence, you do not need to remember to enter your user code and set the arm each time you leave the house. You can create a program whereby each time you leave home, your system will automatically arm when you are one mile away. If you do not want the hassle of racing to ensure you input the proper user code within a particular period before the alarm goes off, you can set another geofence that will disarm the system when you get, for example, within 100 feet of your house.

You can add to the “fence” you create whenever you want or whenever you add other features or products to your system. You can program the Geo-Services to lock all your doors and close the garage when you are a certain distance from the home.

Smart Home, “Green” Geofences

Creating geo-fencing using your smart home appliances is not only convenient, but it can also save substantially on your energy bills.

If you work erratic hours, by creating a geofence you can keep your HVAC from running all the time. You can program it to turn on whenever you are a certain distance from home.

Other users can do the same. For example, maybe your teenage son or daughter’s room is on the third floor and uses a different heat pump than the one that runs the rest of the house. You can create a fence so that his or her heat or air conditioning stays off until they are a certain distance away.

You could add lights to the system so that you do not come home to a dark house. The possibilities are endless.

Video Geofences

Another useful function of a geofence is privacy. If you install interior cameras, you can create a geofence that will pause the recording whenever you are home. You set the rule to allow the camera to continue recording when you are at home if an alarm is triggered.

How to Create a Geofence

You create a geofence by logging on to your online account with Link. Click on the mobile tab and then the “Add a Fence” link. You then name it and input a radius and select the sensor or Z-Wave component. Lastly, you create whatever rule you want (e.g. turn on, turn off, close, open, lock, unlock,).

You can create an unlimited number of geofences.

How to Enable Geo-Services Your Smartphone

Geo-Services is automatically part of all Link Interactive monitoring packages. It is simple to configure.

  1. Make sure your smartphone’s GPS tracking is turned on.
  2. Download the smartphone app.
  3. Go to the options menu on the app and turn it on.
Get Best Offer
Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System

With professional monitoring starting at only $30.99 a month, Link Interactive is an affordable way to keep your home safe. 


Geo-Services, combined with your Link Interactive home security system, brings homeowners one step closer to total home automation. Your house can become “smart” in a sense. As technology improves, more and more home operations will become seamlessly integrated. Geo-services is an excellent way to improve not only the safety and security of your home and family but make life easier too.  Learn more about other features of Link Interactive in our Link Interactive security system review.

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