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Link Interactive uses the 2Gig, Go!Control panel to manage their alarm system. The panel is the latest 2Gig offering for the home security market. The console’s color touchscreen interface makes it easy for smartphone users to adapt to and use.

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Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System

With professional monitoring starting at only $30.99 a month, Link Interactive is an affordable way to keep your home safe. 

Link Interactive Go!Control Pangel 2GigCustomers managing their system online, through the Go!Control panel or the smartphone app, perform the same actions to accomplish various tasks.

The various protocols, such as Z-Wave, cellular and landline links, are built into the console. Other programs, not directly part of the Link Interactive programs, could allow customers to add-on other components should they desire. For example, the system can connect existing wired sensors through the Go!Control panel.

The panel uses AC power with a provided battery for backup.

Key Internal Components and Capabilities

GSM Cellular Radio

Link Interactive connects the sensors and detectors using cellular bands. The panel has a built-in GSM radio.

Z-Wave Radio

Any Z-Wave device, whether or not Link Interactive lists and sells it, can connect through the panel. You can manage lights, garage doors, locks, thermostats and many other smart home appliances and applications with the console. The Z-Wave radio connects everything wirelessly.

Two-way Voice

The user can speak directly to the monitoring station using the two-way voice function. The monitoring station can directly speak back or initiate the call whenever the guards receive an alarm signal.

Landline Connection

There is an optional landline connection that allows you to back up the system’s cellular controls.


The speaker sounds the internal, 85 decibels siren in the event of an alarm.

Sensor Capacity

Go!Control supports a maximum of 48 wireless sensors. Two hard-wire loops can connect two zones of hard-wired sensors also.


Additional Panels

If more sensor capacity is required, users can purchase other Go!Control panels or compatible manufacturers’ consoles. The other panels can connect to designated master Go!Control console.

Automatic Maintenance and Repair Reporting

The internal circuitry allows the system to report through the server and the monitoring center any malfunctioning sensor, including ones with low or dead batteries.

User Codes

Users enter one Master or Administrative Code. The administrator can program thirty-two more user codes. This can be done from the panel or remotely.

Keypads and Keyring Remote Capacity

You can connect up to eight Keyring Remotes and four wireless keypads.

Software Updates sends software updates automatically and uploads them to the Go!Control panel’s hardware.

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Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System

With professional monitoring starting at only $30.99 a month, Link Interactive is an affordable way to keep your home safe. 


The software provides voice alerts of the system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies.

The server sends time and weather, including emergency or severe weather warnings directly to the panel for display.


Installation requires you to unscrew the back of the panel and connect certain things prior to activation.

The shipping box contains five pieces: Go!Control panel, antenna, wall-mount plate, power supply, and battery.

Installation Steps

  1. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, locate the screw on the back of the panel and remove it.
  2. Carefully pry the plastic cover off the back.
  3. Locate the landline (if desired), power and antenna plugins (use the accompanying diagram that comes with the directions).
  4. Thread the power, antenna, and phone lines through the white plastic cover piece and connect them.
  5. If you have existing wired sensors, you can thread the connecting zone wires through the back and attach them to the locations inside indicated in the directions’ diagram.
  6. Snap the back into place and screw the back panel back onto the console.

If you purchase the optional desk stand, the antenna, power and phone lines should be threaded through the stands before threading the wires through the back of the console.

You can attach the Go!Control panel to the wall using the back plate and three screws provided.


Once everything is connected, plug the system in, wait thirty seconds and the system will be operational.

You will need to follow the steps to test to ensure connectivity of the cellular GSM with the server and monitoring center.

  1. On the Home Screen, press SECURITY, MENU, and TOOLBOX.
  2. Enter your Master Code.
  3. Press the arrow key until you see CELL PHONE TEST.

Enter the Master Code again and the cell phone test will begin. After one to two minutes, the screen should indicate the GSM modem is connected. If there is a problem, you will get an audible and visual error indication.

Once that is done, change the master password then add each sensor, detector and smart home appliance.

Finally, you need to go online, create a Link Interactive account. If you want to use your smartphone, you must also download the setup for the app and download the app on your smartphone.

Once you have the Go!Control panel assembled and the cellular test complete, you can connect all the sensors.


The technology used by 2Gig in the Go!Control panel makes it easy for consumers to operate just about any component-type available for home security systems today. The integration of a Z-wave module further enhances the ability of the homeowner to integrate heating, air conditioning, lighting and just about anything electrical through one device.

The setup of the panel is the most complicated part of the Link Interactive system. The vast majority of homeowners will be able to connect the console in less than fifteen minutes. Link provides videos, online chat and a phone service number to assist anyone who might have trouble getting the panel to function.

Overall, Go!Control is a very manageable, user-friendly system that consumers consistently give high marks.

To learn more about how Go!Control works with the rest of the system read our full Link Interactive system review.

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