LiveWatch vs. Frontpoint

LiveWatch, formerly SafeMart, and Frontpoint both use the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept for home security. Their systems are all wireless, cellular, and you must install the systems yourself. Both companies use GE for all their sensors, detectors, and other home security equipment. Users can buy the equipment online at the company websites.

LiveWatch vs Frontpoint security system comparison

Frontpoint and LiveWatch have one-year monitoring contracts. Frontpoint outsources their monitoring. LiveWatch has three proprietary monitoring centers around the country.

Overall, LiveWatch comes out slightly ahead in most categories. However, Frontpoint has some features that some potential buyers could find more attractive and more appropriate for their households.

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  • Cellular transmission
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Ratings
  • GE home security technology
  • Wireless, DIY systems


  • Frontpoint offers two contract options and LiveWatch one
  • Minimal equipment provided with all LiveWatch packages
  • Frontpoint outsources monitoring
  • LiveWatch has a 100% money-back guarantee during year one
  • LiveWatch has two-way voice with all monitoring packages
  • Retail equipment costs are slightly higher with LiveWatch

Comparison Overview Chart of Basic Packages

Package NameBasicProtection Plan
Monthly Monitoring Fee$19.95$34.99
Equipment Cost$299.00$99.00
Activation and/or Installation Fee$19.95$99.00
Auto Call, Voice, and TextYes
Contract Length1 year1-3 years
Money Back Guarantee1 year30 days
Equipment ManufacturerGEGE
Outsourced or Proprietary Monitoring CentersYesYes
Number of Door/Window Sensor24
Motion Sensor Included11
BBB RatingA+A+

Comparison Overview Chart of Top Packages Offered

Package NameTotal Home + VideoUltimate Plan
Monthly Monitoring Fee$49.99$49.99
Equipment Cost$299$449.99
Activation and/or Installation Fee$99.00$199.00*
Contract Length1 year1-3 years
Money Back Guarantee1 year30 days
Equipment ManufacturerGEGE
Two-way VoiceYes
Smartphone and Remote Access ManagementYesYes
Z-Wave ControlYesYes
Outsourced or Proprietary Monitoring CentersProprietaryOutsourced
Video AvailableYesYes
Door/Window Sensor Included24
Motion SensorYesYes
Glass BreakYes
Touchscreen ConsoleYesYes
iTunes App Rating3.5 stars3.5 stars
Android App Rating4 stars4 stars
Blackberry App Rating3.5 stars5 stars

*Fee can vary depending on local dealer and online specials or coupons

Comparison Overview
LiveWatch and Frontpoint provide quality, GE components for their home security systems. The factory pre-programs all their systems so that the user merely needs to turn on the control panel and follow a few steps to activate.

Consumers have no real difference in component offerings since both companies use GE components, and hence any GE sensor or detector will work with their systems.

Frontpoint promotes their three-year contracts but also offers one-year. LiveWatch has only one-year and, in addition, has a full, money-back guarantee. Frontpoint has a 30-day guarantee.

LiveWatch also has no contract termination penalties. If you terminate your contract within the first year, you must return the equipment. Otherwise, after the first year you can end the monitoring at any time and keep the equipment. Frontpoint has early termination fees equivalent to the total remaining monthly charges left on the contract on the date of termination.

Both companies resolve service problems through online chat or phone. LiveWatch and Frontpoint sell their equipment online only.

Winner and Loser Categories

Company Reputation

Winner: Tie

LiveWatch has one of the fewest numbers of complaints registered against it at the Better Business Bureau. Frontpoint also has relatively few complaints, and all are quickly resolved. Most users give each company the same score and favorable ratings in all areas including equipment and service.


Winner: LiveWatch

Each company has some pricing advantages depending on the package you choose. For the basic package, LiveWatch has inexpensive monthly monitoring and activation fees compared to those charged by Frontpoint. The equipment charges are less even when considering Frontpoint provides two more door and window sensors.

For the premium packages, Frontpoint and LiveWatch charge the same monthly monitoring fee. You still, however, save with LiveWatch on the equipment and activation fees.

LiveWatch has no early contract termination fees, which makes it less costly for consumers in the event they need to stop monitoring services.


Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch essentially provides customers with a month-to-month monitoring contract. There are no early termination fees and the only penalty for terminating within the first twelve months is returning the equipment.

Frontpoint has one-year contracts, but there are monetary penalties in the event of early termination.

Packages and Contents

Winner: Frontpoint

LiveWatch gives users the same equipment, whether or not they opt for the basic package or premier package. The Frontpoint packages contain more sensors and, with the premier package, more variety. LiveWatch requires you to buy additional components at retail. Virtually all homeowners like will need to do so as the three sensors LiveWatch provides, two door and window and a motion sensor, will not provide adequate coverage for the average home or medium size apartment.

Ease of Installation

Winner: Tie

Frontpoint and LiveWatch are entirely DIY. All components are factory-tested and connected so that all the homeowner needs to do is activate the sensor batteries, then plug in and power up the control console.

Equipment Quality and Technology

Winner: Tie

Both companies use GE sensors and detectors.


Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch has a 100%, one-year return policy with no penalties for terminating the monitoring. Frontpoint has a 30 day, full return policy only.


Winner: Frontpoint

Even though both companies have good BBB ratings and user reviews for service, Frontpoint edges LiveWatch as the LiveWatch website is considered by many to be very user-unfriendly. It is hard to move around the site, and consumers report problems with getting to the right technician.

Comparison Summary

These two systems have excellent equipment and service reputations. For anyone who only needs the bare essentials and wants to save money, LiveWatch is the right choice. The lack of long-term, iron-clad contracts will make LiveWatch very attractive to many.  For more information visit our LiveWatch review.

Frontpoint has reasonable prices compared to most competitors as well. They also offer more with their standard and deluxe packages. This may entice some homeowners to decide that Frontpoint suits their personal needs best.  Visit our Frontpoint review for more information.



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