Monitronics Vs. Protection 1

Note: Monitronics is now owned by Brinks and Protection 1 is now owned by ADT. 

Monitronics and Protection 1 both provide strong home security options with a large overlap in offerings. Both companies require professional installation, offer the industry-standard 36-month contract, and have available home automation options. Local variance in experience has also been reported for both Monitronics and Protection 1.

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  • DIY installation
  • Professional monitoring required
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Monitronics uses mostly a combination of Honeywell and GE equipment, while Protection 1 uses mostly Honeywell.

Key Similarities:

  • Professional installation
  • Local variance in plan specificities and user experience
  • 36-month contracts
  • Available home automation
  • Some mobile management options

Key Differences:

  • Monitronics uses mostly Honeywell and GE equipment. Protection 1 uses mostly Honeywell.
  • Protection 1 has installation fees.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

Monitronics offers three packages advertised as ranging in cost from $35-$55 with activation fees ranging from $99-$149. Monitronics has a well-regarded centralized monitoring system, but uses local dealers for installation, leading to varying on-the-ground user experiences. Local dealers also have final control over activation costs and contract terms. This means specials and coupons can potentially lower a system’s cost. But overall, local variation makes Monitronics pricing unpredictable. Most equipment is Honeywell or GE. Medical alert packages are additionally available.

Protection 1 offers four types of residential home packages ranging from $35-$55, with a $99 installation fee, and has a wide selection of available add-ons. Equipment offerings include sensors and carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire detectors. More expensive package options include video and Z-Wave options. The company uses mostly Honeywell technology. Medical alert offerings are also available. Prices have been reported to vary depending on dealer and location.


Winner: Tie

Both Monitronics and Protection 1 offer the industry-standard 36-month monitoring contract.

Mobile App

Winner: Tie

Monitronics has remote smartphone control capabilities, but only text and email notifications and remote arm/disarm are free. Additional remote features are available at extra cost.

Protection 1 has a proprietary mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Only the two most expensive packages allow smartphone management.


Winner: Tie

Both Monitronics and Protection 1 require professional installation.

Monitronics offers professional installation done by local dealers. The customer service experience varies by location and is therefore less reliable. Installation is free but users will likely pay significant activation fees.

Protection 1 offers professional installation at a $99 fee. (Installation costs can vary depending on specificities of add-ons). If you move within your contract period, you have to pay for removal of the system and re-installation at your new location.

Home Automation

Winner: Tie

Both Monitronics and Protection 1 have available home automation options.

Who Protection 1 is Better For:

  • Users fine with installation fee
  • Users with a preference of Honeywell equipment

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Who Monitronics is Better For: 

  • Users interested in GE equipment
  • Users requiring no installation fee

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Protection 1 and Monitronics offer remarkably similar home security options. Users interested in professional installation, 36-month contracts, home automation and name-brand equipment will likely be pleased with either company. Those hoping to avoid an installation fee and with particular interest in GE equipment will likely prefer Monitronics, while those with a preference for Honeywell equipment and fine with an installation fee may be slightly happier with Protection 1.

Monitronics is now owned by Brinks. Check out our review of the Brinks home security system.

Protection 1 is now owned by ADT. Check out our review of the ADT home security system.

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