Protect America vs. Link Interactive

Protect America and Link Interactive are two of the leading do-it-yourself (DIY) home security companies in America. Link Interactive, owned by Costco, sells through Costco or online. Both companies use quality GE sensors and detectors.

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Link Interactive
  • DIY installation
  • Professional monitoring not required
  • $734 for custom package 

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Protect America
  • DIY installation
  • Professional monitoring included for free
  • $358 for customized system

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Protect America vs Link Interactive

Link sells exclusively through Costco. The products are not discounted online unless you are a member of Costco.

Link Interactive wins in more comparison categories than Protect America does. However, if you prefer no upfront costs and a no-frills system, the Protect America could be a better choice.


  • Both companies supply DIY equipment
  • Both companies use GE sensors and detectors
  • Smartphone apps are available free of charge
  • Both companies require three-year contracts
  • Both companies support Z-Wave technology


  • Protect America does not charge for equipment
  • You must be a member of Costco to get an equipment discount with Link Interactive
  • Link Interactive has a 3-day full refund policy. Protect America has a 14-day full refund policy
  • Protect America has landline-only connectivity for its least expensive package
  • Protect America offers a limited amount of equipment with each package; only door and window sensors and motion detectors

Comparison Overview Chart of Basic Packages

 Link InteractiveProtect America
PackageBasic Fire and SecurityCopper
Monthly Monitoring Fee$24.99$19.99
Equipment Costnonenone
Activation and/or Installation Fee$134.00none
Contract Length3 years3 years
Equipment Manufacturer2Gig (GE compatible)GE
Number of Door/Window Sensor33
Motion Sensor Included11
Heat/Freeze Sensors Included10
Two-Way Voice ConsoleYesNo
Better Business Bureau RatingA+A

Comparison Overview Chart of Top Packages Offered

 Link InteractiveProtect America
PackageSmart CompletePlatinum
Monthly Monitoring Fee$42.99$54.99**
Equipment Cost$630.00*none
Activation and/or Installation Feenonenone
Contract Length3 years3 years
Smartphone and Remote Access ManagementYesYes
Z-Wave ControlYesYes
Video availableYesYes
Number of Door/Window Sensor514
Motion Sensor Included21
Smoke, Heat, and Freeze SensorYesNo
Z-Wave ThermostatYesNo
Z-Wave Light/Appliance Module20
Touchscreen consoleYesYes
iTune App Rating4.5 stars2.5 stars
Android App Rating4 stars3 stars
Blackberry App Rating4.5 stars3.2 stars

*Must be a Costco member to get a 5% discount on the equipment
**Protect America offers a landline-only option that lowers the monthly monitoring costs to the same as Link Interactive, $42.99/month

Comparison Overview
In the DIY niche, Link and Protect America have similar customer ratings and reviews in most categories. The sensors and detectors they use, GE, are considered by consumers and experts alike some of the best available in the market.

The affiliation with Costco by Link Interactive provides a brick-and-mortar purchase option for customers. Protect America provides free equipment, essentially leased, with no upfront costs.

Each company has consoles that can manage Z-Wave and video.

Winner and Loser Categories

Company Reputation

Winner: Tie

Consumers appear equally satisfied with the service provided by Protect America and Link Interactive.


Winner: Protect America

Link Interactive charges for all equipment included in any of their packages. The Protect America equipment provided with the packages is free.

The monthly monitoring costs charged by both companies are about the same, though the cellular monitoring charge by Protect America is higher than that charged by Link Interactive.


Winner: Tie

Each company has three-year minimum contracts that have the same early termination fee and other clauses.

Packages and Contents

Winner: Link Interactive

Link Interactive provides a wide-range of different sensors and detectors with their packages. The company’s most expensive packages include sensors, detectors, video and two Z-Wave appliances of your choice.

The Protect American packages come with door and window sensors and a motion detector only.

Ease of Installation

Winner: Tie

Both companies use the same DIY GE technology.

Equipment Quality and Technology

Winner: Tie

Each company uses GE or compatible sensors and detectors.


Winner: Link Interactive

Protect America has a 14-day, and Link Interactive a 30-day, money back guarantee.


Winner: Tie

The Link Interactive and Protect America online, video and telephonic service assistance receive high marks from users.

Comparison Summary

Link Interactive scores well, especially in the equipment category. Even though Protect America has slightly better pricing and offers free equipment, the monthly monitoring costs are close or equal.  Learn more in our Link Interactive Review

If you do not want to spend a few hundred dollars upfront for equipment, then Protect America is a better deal.  Learn more in our Protect America review.

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