Protect America Review

Protect America reviewProtect America began their home security business in 1992. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company boasts that they have remained among the top ten residential security installers in the United States. SDM (Security Distributing and Marketing) magazine has ranked Protect America in the top ten for the last three years.

Protect America uses proprietary equipment for their home security systems. They offer a broad range of packages, with prices varying according to a number of components and whether the user opts for landline, Wi-Fi or cellular monitoring.

Customers can integrate sensors, detectors and smart home appliances (Z-Wave) with Protect America consoles, depending on the package choice. They also have a limited line of indoor cameras.

The company has two vehicle protection devices not provided by most home security entities.

Certain packages offer smartphone management.

Wide Range of Packages and PricesOutsourced Monitoring
Do-it-yourself InstallationContract Fine Print
No Activation FeesConfusing Pricing
Automotive Protection Integrated with the Sensor ArrayDearth of Camera Offerings
Lifetime Warranty

For more pricing info, check out our knowledge base article on plans and pricing

Home Security Packages Overview and Charges
Equipment Packages and Costs*

Monthly Charges (Landline Only)$19.99$35.99$37.99$39.99$42.99$46.99**
Cellular or Broadband$41.99$47.99$49.99$51.99$54.99$46.99
Control Panelxxxxxx
Motion Detectorxxxxx
Door/Window Sensors36911142
Window Decals and Yard Signxxxxxx
Glass Break Sensorx

*There are no activation fees
**No landline option available for businesses

Home Security Service Overview

Protect America provides do-it-yourself equipment packages and individual components through its website and local dealers. The have a full range of equipment types including sensors, Z-Wave smart home appliances and smoke and fire detectors.

The company provides the equipment for free, but you must sign a three-year monitoring contract. There are no activation fees, and since it is self-install, the only upfront cost is the first month’s monitoring fee and the cost of any extra equipment you may want to purchase.

Each equipment and surveillance package includes one motion detector and one Simon XT control panel. The only difference among the five different packages concerns the number of door and window sensors. Smoke or fire detectors, specialty sensors, cameras and smart home appliances cost extra.

The basic price, besides equipment, includes only landline transmission. To use a smartphone or other intelligent device to manage the system, you must upgrade to cellular and broadband service. This boosts the monthly monitoring fee by $20 per month for the cheapest plan and increases the other monthly plans by $12.

Monitoring contracts have a term of three years. After the three years, the contract is automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis.

All the equipment has a lifetime warranty. Once you purchase an equipment and monitoring package, you have 14 days to change your mind. If you decide to cancel within 14 days, Protect America charges a $79.00 restocking fee.

There are no free trial periods. If you want to cancel after 14 days, the company can charge you for the total equipment cost and a contract monitoring cancellation fee. If you wish to cancel your contract, you must pay the balance of the time left on your three-year commitment. For example, canceling the copper package within the first year, which costs $19.00 per month, would cost over $400 plus equipment cost.

If you buy any extra equipment, you have thirty days to return it for a full refund.

Protect america app

Here is all the essential equipment that comes with each home security package:

  • Simon XT Control Panel
  • Door and Window Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Windows and Yard Decals and Signs

The Business package replaces the motion detector with a glass break sensor and adds a fixed indoor video camera.

Protect America offers more equipment for additional cost:

Alarm EquipmentLife SafetyHome Automation and Automotive
Garage Door SensorsSmoke DetectorZ-Wave Appliance Module
Glass Break SensorsCarbon Monoxide DetectorYale Z-Wave Electronic Lock
Simon XT TouchscreenMedical Panic AlarmDriveway Sensor
Video CameraDisaster Sensor
Mini Pin Pad
Two-button Panic Alarm
Keychain Remote
Solar Yard Light
External Siren

Below, we’ve listed some of the most vital equipment Protect America offers, but check out our full roundup of Protect America equipment here.

Simon XT Control Panel

The Simon XT push-button alarm panel is the control center for your alarm system. It will activate your alarm, accept various users and communicate with all the devices in your house wirelessly. It does need a power cable, but it’s internal battery will keep it running for 24 hours if power is cut.

Simon XT Touchscreen

If you want your security system to seem a little smarter, investing in the touchscreen upgrade may be the right choice for you. This option gives you more fine-grained control over your system, but still include hardware buttons for emergency situations.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors include two parts, one that sticks to the door or window, and one that belongs on the frame. When the two separate, you’ve got an alarm triggered. You’ll want to put these on your entry doors and any windows big enough for a criminal to climb through.

Windows and Yard Decals and Signs

Most security experts suggest deterrents as a first line of defense, and a sign warning criminals that an alarm will sound if they break in is a big deterrent. Each package contains three window decals and one yard sign to warn those who may be put off by those warnings.


Video Camera

Cameras are some of the most popular home security devices. The Protect America camera include IR for night vision and can be viewed through the app.



External Siren

A siren is a great way to scare an intruder off. Mount this in your home or garage to offer another audible alert, which can tip off neighbors in addition to terrifying criminals.

Disaster Sensor

Break ins aren’t the only thing potentially making your home less secure. Disasters like flood or extreme temps can cause damage too. This little sensor will go off if your home is too hot or cold, saving you from burst pipes. And if a pipe does start to leak, the water sensor will sound an alarm too.

Z-Wave Appliance Module

For those looking to make their homes a little smarter, the Z-Wave Appliance Module plugs into any light fixture to remotely control it. You can also use it to set up schedules for your appliances.


Company History

Thad Paschall founded Protect Americain 1992 in Austin, Texas. He quickly grew the company and within ten years had installed over 200,000 security systems.

The company was purchased in 2011 by Rockbridge Growth Equity LLC for over $100 million. Rockbridge owns a number of enterprises in different market niches including Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since the purchase, the company has experienced even more rapid growth. It expanded operations into Canada in 2012 and by the end of that year had a total of 400,000 customers. By 2013, Protect America was listed as one of the top fifteen home security companies in the United States. Since 2014, it has been among the top ten.


Please let us know about your experiences, good and bad, with Protect America. New users or veterans are welcome to contribute their stories.

If you have any questions about the information presented in the article or any question not answered regarding Protect America, please let us know and we will do our best to answer them.


Protect America offers simple, reasonably priced options for just about any homeowner. For those that are looking for simplicity and cost savings, there are few companies with cheaper options cheaper than the copper plan at $19.99 per month.

The company sells quality equipment, with their Simon XT control panel receives consistently high ratings from users.

As with many companies, the iron-clad contracts may cause some home and small business owners to balk. The lack of a trial period too may make first-time home security buyers a little leery of committing to three years.

Overall, Protect America provides a sound system, with a broad range of options at competitive prices.  Along with Frontpoint, it is at the very top of our list.



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