Protect America Monitoring Plans and Pricing

Protect America offers a whopping five levels of monitoring plans, ranging from a basic Copper plan to the Platinum package, plus an enterprise-targeted Business plan. Included in each of the five consumer-facing plans is a control panel, motion detector, door/window sensors and a yard decal. The more expensive plans come with more door sensors to offer more coverage throughout your home.

The five main home security monitoring packages are the Copper Package, Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package. The month cost for each package includes professional monitoring and all included equipment offered with the package.

One thing to note is that monthly prices are higher for the broadband and cellular systems, so if you don’t have a landline, you may be paying a little extra for Protect America’s service. However, the broadband and cellular systems offer automation features that landline plans lack.

Check out all the plan info below, then head over to our full review for more information on the Protect America home security system.

Monthly Charges (Landline Only)$19.99$35.99$37.99$39.99$42.99$46.99**
Cellular or Broadband$41.99$47.99$49.99$51.99$54.99$46.99
Control Panelxxxxxx
Motion Detectorxxxxx
Door/Window Sensors36911142
Window Decals and Yard Signxxxxxx
Glass Break Sensorx

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