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The equipment that comes with the Protect America security system

Protect America offers a small base package with their monitoring plans, but customers have a huge range of additional equipment to expand their setup. Customers can also add smart home equipment thanks to Z-wave support.

Check out the equipment options below, and be sure to head over to our review for all the detail about the Protect America home security system.

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Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System

We love Protect America for its integrations with Amazon Alexa, its great customer support, and its included 24/7 professional monitoring. All in all, we highly recommend Protect America.


Alarm EquipmentLife SafetyHome Automation and Automotive
Garage Door SensorsSmoke DetectorZ-Wave Appliance Module
Glass Break SensorsCarbon Monoxide DetectorYale Z-Wave Electronic Lock
Simon XT TouchscreenMedical Panic AlarmDriveway Sensor
Video CameraDisaster Sensor
Mini Pin Pad
Two-button Panic Alarm
Keychain Remote
Solar Yard Light
External Siren

Simon XT Control Panel

The Simon XT push-button control panel lets you connect and control up to 40 components. You can also program multiple users. The alarm panel will work with cellular, broadband or landline.

The panel is wireless and can be mounted on the wall or lays flat on a table or shelf. There are stands available through and other retailers. The battery backup will maintain power to the panel for up to 24 hours. You can also use the Protect America smartphone app to manage the system if your package includes the cellular transmission option.

Door and Window Sensors

The door and window sensors come in two parts, the sensor piece and the magnet. The battery is good for approximately five years.

These sensors mount on either a door or window. The sensor component usually goes on the door and window frames and the magnet on the door or window itself.

You install the sensors by using the double-sided adhesive tape that comes with the sensors.

Motion Detector

The IR (Infrared) motion detectors work by sensing heat and motion. They also have a five-year battery life. The units will not alarm for pets weighing 40 pounds or less.

The motion detectors are usually mounted on a wall or in the corner of the room facing toward the area being protected. The sensor has a 25-foot range and a 90° arc. This means that you should mount it approximately seven feet above floor level to maximize the coverage area.

Windows and Yard Decals and Signs

Signs can be a surprising deterrent to thieves. Thieves will often look for the soft target. If they know a homeowner has an alarm system, they will bypass that house and target another one. This adds another layer of protection that can help even if you forget to arm your system.

Each package contains three window decals and one yard sign.

Garage Door Sensors

The garage door sensor mounts on any overhead garage door. The sensor inside is a tilt sensor. Whenever the door is opened, and the sensor tilts more than 45°, the sensor will send an alarm signal to the panel.

With a cellular or broadband system, you can program the panel to alert you by text (for cellular) or email whenever the garage door is opened.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors use sound recognition to detect the frequency of breaking glass. They allow homeowners to use one sensor rather than several to protect banks of windows or large plate glass areas.

You mount the sensor facing the wall with the windows. The will cover a 15-foot area and has 360° coverage. It will detect the breakage of most types of glass used in a typical home or business.

Simon XT Touchscreen

The Simon XT Touchscreen uses a 7-inch touchscreen instead of the manual buttons used in the basic Simon XT panel that comes free with the Protect America packages. The panel gives you one touch arming and disarming. There are also panic and built-in emergency buttons. The internal siren will go off whenever a sensor or detector alerts.

You can connect up to four XT touchscreens to one system. They can, like the basic XT model, either attach to the wall or sit on a shelf or flat surface.

Video Camera

The video camera is a Protect America branded product that is manufactured for indoor use only. It has an IR lens for low light conditions. The user can watch up to two video streams on their smartphone or through the online portal.

You connect the camera using the internet. You can access the video live or view achieved footage.

Mini Pin Pad

The mini pin pad functions as a user keypad, letting users quickly arm and disarm the systems. It connects directly to your XT panel. There is also a panic button.

Two-button Panic Alarm

The homeowner can secrete the two-button panic alarms wherever he or she wants to inside their home. Most users place them underneath their desk or by their bedside.

They mount like all the sensors using double-back adhesive tape.
To activate the panic alarm, you must simultaneously press both buttons, indicated by a “lock” and “unlock” icon.

Keychain Remote

The Keychain Remote has four buttons: delay-arm, immediate-arm, disarm, and panic. The panic feature works similar to the two-button panic alarm. You must press the two buttons simultaneously for a wireless signal to go directly to the monitoring station.

Solar Yard Light

The solar yard light is a very small light that clips to the bottom of the yard sign. It has solar powered, rechargeable batteries that turn on the light at dusk and turn off the light at dawn.

External Siren

The external siren can mount anywhere in the home or garage. It adds additional audio protection to the siren inside the Simon XT panel. Most home security experts recommend one siren per floor of a home.

Smoke Detector

The Protect America smoke detectors function in two ways. They have an internal smoke or particle detector that will activate the alarm whenever smoke from a fire is sensed. They also have a temperature sensor that will detect a rapid rise in temperature or sustained high temperatures.

There is also a built-in siren to these detectors. They are UL rated and have a battery life of 3-5 years.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The carbon monoxide detectors have sensors to detect and alert on carbon dioxide. Users should not mount them too close to garage entrances as leftover vehicle fumes may cause false alarms as they will not have had time to dissipate before detection.

The sensors in carbon monoxide detectors eventually will fail, usually within three years, and the detector must be replaced.

Get Best Offer
Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System

We love Protect America for its integrations with Amazon Alexa, its great customer support, and its included 24/7 professional monitoring. All in all, we highly recommend Protect America.


Medical Panic Alarm

The medical panic alarms can be worn around the wrist, neck or carried as a pager. They are shock proof and water resistant. They will work within 100 feet, unobstructed, of the XT panel and are for use within the home or yard.

The batteries last approximately 4-6 years.

Disaster Sensor

The disaster sensors work in three different ways. They can detect temperature changes down to 0° F and up to 120° F. They will also detect water or floods from malfunctioning boilers or appliances.

These triple-protection devices have an 8-10 year battery life and are tamper proof.

Z-Wave Appliance Module

The Z-Wave Appliance Module lets you plug in any light fixture and control it remotely. It works with all types of lighting: fluorescent, LED, halogen, incandescent, and xenon.

Yale Z-Wave Electronic Lock

The Yale Z-Wave lock has a keypad entry system that allows up to 250 different program codes. The lock will fit all standard size doors and should not require any drilling.
You can remotely control the lock through your smartphone or online portal.

Driveway Sensor

The driveway sensor mounts on a post next to your driveway. It senses whenever a car or large metal object passes and will alert the security system. You can also program the system to alert you by text or message whenever a car enters or leaves the driveway.

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