Scout Alarm IFTTT Integration

IFTTT (If This Then That) has been around since 2010. Scout Alarm has made IFTTT usage part of the company’s home security offering.

Using IFTTT greatly expands the capabilities of a home security system. By creating your own recipes through your Scout Alarm system, you can automate certain actions associated with your home security sensors and detectors.

Scout Alarm IFTTT Integration

What Exactly Is IFTTT?

IFTTT gives users a way to automate apps, smart devices and just about anything you can think of that has connectivity. IFTTT works with iOS and Android devices, Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive and much more.

You could, for example, enable a recipe (which is the name used for the commands you create) to automatically send an email to anyone who likes you on Facebook or Twitter.

IFTTT Integrations
A few examples of apps and softwares that integrate with IFTTT

How Does It Work?

Users create a free account on the IFTTT website. Once you sign up, you will have a personal dashboard which will be the repository for any recipes you create.

You will have access to recipes created by other IFTTT users. You can create new ones and share them if you desire to do so.

You can then implement any recipe you want and turn it on, off, modify it or delete it at will.

What Value does IFTTT Add to My Home Security System?

In the case of a Scout Alarm home security system, you can create recipes related to your sensors and detectors that will automatically perform certain tasks for you.  Learn about more potential uses in our full Scout Alarm review.

You can create lots of different recipes to make your home security system more relevant to your own personal needs. Some of the recipes you may want to implement include:

  • Notification every time your spouse uses his or her key fob to disarm the sensors
  • Automatically arm the system when you turn off the bedroom lights and go to bed
  • Notify neighbors by email or text whenever your alarm is triggered
  • Turn on the lights whenever the front door is opened

Using IFTTT technology takes the place of using preset console commands that most home security companies use as a standard part of the security management system. It adds versatility to a home security system. Creating recipes through your IFTTT web portal allows you to customize everything at any time.

Security Concerns

Using IFTTT engenders the same risks that using any wireless or connectible technology has. Hackers may be able to access your system. Viruses could be introduced and cause havoc with your sensor array.

Users need to be careful with their recipes and how they share them. If, for example, your recipes allows access to mobile app permissions or login credentials a hacker could gain access through the recipe.

You need to remember that your IFTTT account may provide thieves with detailed personal information. You social media, home security, email and other data could be vulnerable.

Final Thoughts

IFTTT has become very popular among smart home appliance users. Some home security companies like ADT use IFTTT in their home security system smartphone apps. Scout Security has taken this a step further by not only including IFTTT in the company’s smartphone app but also eliminating a home security console entirely. Scout uses IFTTT as the means of creating alerts and other system customizations.

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