Scout and Nest Smart Home Products

Scout Alarm home security systems advertise compatibility with Nest products. Nest is a smart home appliance product company that was started by two engineers from Apple in 2010. The company currently has three smart home products that use ZigBee protocol.

Scout and Nest Home products

Scout home security hubs can mesh with Nest devices to add a smart home component to the Scout sensor offerings.

Though the company only sells three products currently, they have been remarkably successful. The founders leveraged their Apple connections that resulted in Apple Stores stocking their first product release, a smart thermostat. Lowes soon followed and sales spread to Canada. Today, Target and many other major retail outlets stock the unique Nest products.

Recently, Nest has partnered with Google to create the Thread Group, which aims to be the new wireless standard for connecting home devices.

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We like Scout Alarm home security for its DIY installation, many smart platform integrations, and lack of monthly fees. 

Product #1 – The Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

The Nest smart thermostat is there first and signature product. It uses sophisticated technology to perform a number of “smart” functions with your HVAC system. The algorithm and patented software use sensor observations to enable the system to learn your habits.

The thermostat uses various bits of data to create the perfect environment in your home tailored to your individual tastes. The data gathered and analyzed includes:

  • Home temperature and humidity readings
  • State of your HVAC system throughout the day
  • Weather conditions outdoors

The system then reviews and analyzes your habits. For example, if you turn up the heat in the mornings, the system will soon start doing so automatically.

The company advertises that within a week not only do the temperature settings become automated, but the system also continues to learn and adjust according to the user’s habits.

Smartphone and Web Adjustment

You can use your Nest or Scout Alarm app to remotely adjust or control the thermostat. For example, you may be away on vacation and want to heat or cool the house before you return.

Users can also use the web portal to access the thermostat controls.


The Nest product will automatically alert if the temperature rises or falls too much in any given period. The system will send you messages as to when the filters need replacement also.


You can access home energy reports on your smartphone apps or web portal too. The Home Report will tell you how much energy you use at certain times of day and days of the week.


Nest has an energy and cost savings system called Airwave that is part of the smart thermostat offering. Airwave learns, based on the layout of your house, HVAC system and other data gathered, how much heating or cooling can be done with the compressor off. The thermostat will turn off the compressor a few minutes before reaching your target temperature. Then it lets the fan run until that temperature is sensed.

This saves not only energy but will also lower your heating and cooling costs.

Product #2 – Smoke and CO Detector

Nest Smoke Detector

The smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector by Nest meshes with the Scout Alarm system and other Nest products. It uses voice rather than a beep or chirp to notify you of issues.

The detector does not require you to test it. It tests itself and will notify you if the battery is low. This eliminates the annoying chirps in the middle of the night.

The detector also allows you to turn off the alarm using your smartphone if you determine that the smoke detected is not a hazard.

Product #3 – Cameras

Nest Camera

Nest brings the same high-tech, smart features to their camera. You can purchase and manage them through Scout Alarm. Nest also has a Nest app that lets you control the cameras.

The design is sleek and includes a magnet stand and the ability to attach it to a wall, shelf or object.

The camera has excellent night vision and streams video continuously 24/7. The camera lens has a 130° viewing angle and a zoom function.

Motion Algorithms

The sophisticated algorithms enable this camera to work in a more controlled and smart fashion than other cameras on the market today. The built-in audio sensor will ignore standard background noise, like traffic or the television. It will recognize incongruities and send an alert if it detects a boom, crash or voice.

Once the camera is placed in your home and switched on, it will quickly adapt to the look of the room it faces. If something changes, such as someone removing an item, you will receive an alert.

Nest Aware

Nest has a subscription service separate from that offered by a home security company like Scout Alarm. Called Nest Aware, it activates other algorithms and uses the history of what the camera has seen to filter out activities and other things such as sunlight. This helps tailor alerts better in the event of an anomaly.

Nest Aware also uses facial recognition technology and will send alerts if a human rather than a pet is detected in its viewing radius.

Final Thoughts

Though Nest currently offers only three products, the products it offers have a lot in common with home security offerings. The three components complement and enhance any existing home security system that uses the same communication protocols, such as the Scout Alarm Company.

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We like Scout Alarm home security for its DIY installation, many smart platform integrations, and lack of monthly fees. 

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